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No signup, No upload & Get Instant payment is a file payment service that helps freelancers to sell their files from Dropbox or Google Drive and get easily paid by their clients for the work they do with a one-time payment link.
We are in Beta, join and get 1 Year of Free service** you pay only the Paypal fee.
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For Freelancers

Get paid easily and Protect your works by making them available for download only when a payment is completed

For Clients

Make a payment when work is done and get your download link for your file immediately after your purchase

How it works


Generate a link

Select your file, put your Paypal account, set your price and create your link


Send your link

Copy the payment link and send it to your client by email or message


Get paid

Once your client makes a payment, you get paid and he will receive a download link


Let's answer the most common questions

What can I use your service for?

You can sell any specific work that needs to be downloaded by your client as photos, designs, articles or any file

Who can use your service?

Everyone with a verified Paypal account that allows him to receive money.

Do you save the selected file on your server?

No. You should keep your file on your Dropbox or Google Drive storage until it is downloaded by your client after the payment.

How many times can I use a generated link?

Because each link is generated for a custom work, it can be used only for one payment

Is there a limit to use the service?

No, you can use our service as much as you want and generate as much link payment you need.

Do you charge any fee?

We just launched and the service is currently free, the only fee that you get charged for, is the Paypal fee for using their payment system.

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Feel free to email us if you have more questions or to provide some feedback